Top Tips to Look for When Choosing a Laptop

laptop workstation

The good thing about laptops is that they are compact enough to carry and versatile enough to meet your demanding applications. In fact, it is the best gadget you need to do a lot of serious work or even playing at home or at college. Nowadays, you can get laptops suited for college students, business professionals, and even for entertainment.

Although standalone smartphones and tablets are quite popular, a lot of people discover that everything from typing a research paper to making videos is done better on a laptop. Therefore, what is the right type of laptop to consider? These are tips to help you choose the right type of laptop.

Operating System

using a laptopIt is quite difficult to determine the right type of operating system for your business. That is the case when you are not familiar with PCs and Macs. Understanding each platform’s strengths and weaknesses can go along way to help. The main operating systems include Chrome OS, Windows, and MacOS. In this case, choosing the best one is based on personal preferences. Ideally, Windows is available on most laptops as compared to Chrome OS and Mac OS X.

Consider 2-in-1

You should note that most laptop PCs fall into the category of 2-in-1 laptops. Ideally, these are hybrid devices that can easily switch between the traditional clamshell mode, tablet mode, and other positions. You will find that these systems are good at serving one purpose as compared to the other. However, if you do not intend to use your notebook, you can get better value for your money with a traditional laptop.

Screen Size

Before you get into specifications, there is a need to figure out how the portability of your laptop. You should note that laptops are available in a wide range of display sizes.  These will provide you with adequate power to offer workstation-level productivity or play high-end games.

Touchpad and Keyboard

There is no need to go for a laptop with impressive specifications if it does not have excellent ergonomics. For instance, if you are planning to do extensive work on the computer, ensure the keyboard provides solid tactile feedback and adequate key travel. If you purchase a Windows laptop, ensure it has appropriate touchpad drivers. Ideally, you do not want a touchpad that does not respond to multitouch gestures.…

Increasing The Battery Life Of Your Laptop


A laptop is also referred to as a notebook computer. It is a portable small personal computer. Laptops are chargingused in different fields such as in education, at work, at home, and for personal media. A laptop combines all the components, outputs, inputs, and capabilities of the regular desktop computer, including the small speakers, the display screen, a keyboard, a processor, and memory. The modern laptops have integrated and inbuilt webcams and microphones. Laptops are powered by an either an internal battery or by use of external power supply. An AC adapter provides the external power.

Tips you would apply to increase the shelf life of your laptop battery.


Reduce the brightness of your screen

Just like with any other electronic device including a smartphone, you are advised to lower the screen brightness of your laptop. When the battery condition is poor, your screen brightness should be lowered to the minimum. Modern laptop screens have LEDs which provides backlighting thus consuming very little power.

Battery save mood

Most laptops have enhanced battery save mood which is very economical when it comes to power consumption. This enables the hard disks and processor to consume less power by lowering their performance. This helps to lengthen the battery life.

Lower the resolution

High-resolution screen consumes a lot of the battery power per unit time. Lowering the screen’s resolution is one of the most efficient ways of decreasing the power consumption.

Close unnecessary processes and applications

Software consumes power just like the hardware. Therefore, you should close any programs which might be operating in the background. These background programs include the processes related to video players, music services, and cloud services.

Avoid overheating

Never use a laptop on your blanket, bed or pillow. This reduces the chances of damaging the internal components, the battery, and excessive heating and shortens the life of your battery. Your laptop should be placed on a relatively hard
desksurface such as a table or desk. A portable lapdesk can help in case you feel lazy moving to your desk.Accumulation of debris and dust on the ventilation holes, air vents, and fans blocks heat loss from your laptop leading to overheating. You should, therefore, blow out any specks of dust and debris from the vents by use of compressed air.



This is beneficial to your battery and improving the performance of your laptop.Switching off the backlights of your keyboard helps to increase the battery life too since it reduces the power consumption.…